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About Us

G6 Technologies is a woman-owned, small business company. We have earned great respect for being a customer-focused IT solution and service provider company. We provide cutting-edge IT solutions and services to Government & commercial organizations.We empower our customer's mission to achieve more by enabling digital transformations and the modern workplace. Our approach resolves today's IT challenges and outlines a clear road map for the future. We aim to produce more excellent value for our customers by partnering and delivering exceptional results.
Our IT strategy and technology expertise enables us to serve our customers. We provide a broad range of services such as Managed IT, Cyber Security, Cloud, Microsoft Consulting, Web Development, Training& Placement, and other Professional IT services in helping clients with their digital transformation needs.

G6 Core Values

  • Commitment – We are committed to serving and bringing the best values to our customers, community, and the G6 team.
  • Diversity – We welcome everyone's ideas, knowledge, culture, and history. We believe that different viewpoints and experiences are vital to providing optimal solutions for our customers and creating a good company culture.
  • Teamwork- Our team operates on honesty, integrity, and transparency. We rely on each other, ask questions, and aim to find elegant solutions to our customer's problems.
  • Flexibility– We empower our team to work in an environment that enables them to succeed. We pride ourselves on creating an optimal work/life balance to keep our team happy and engaged both at work and home.
  • Continuous Learning- We are highly passionate about providing a work environment that nurtures constant improvement and innovation. We understand that mistakes are a part of the process, but we learn from them and turn our challenges into successes.
  • Giving Back – We are a big believer in giving back to the community to uplift humanity. Our team aims to help every individual get the proper knowledge tosecure a good job or run their own business to live the American dream


Every individual and organization should have access to the latest technologies to build a brighter future.


Empower every organization's mission and success with digital transformation and a modern workplace.


We believe technology is inevitable in our day-to-day lives; therefore, everyone must leverage it to enhance their potential to achieve anything anywhere.


Simplify complex IT processes to make business more productive and thrive with the latest information technologies.

Why G6

Our business and technology consultants are dedicated to bringing the following results
  • Provide IT as a platform to fulfill customer's desired goals
  • Line up IT road map with the organization's mission
  • Reduce Security challenges with a proactive approach
  • Simplify IT services process for smoother customer experience
  • Decrease IT expense to cut down customer's operational cost
  • Position as a market leader with the latest technology solutions