IoT short of Internet of Things

With the ever-increasing business devices, there is value in connecting everything to a centralized system. But businesses today need moreto stay competitive. Working smarter enabled by IoT is the new battleground. IoT is no longer a buzzword but a must-have for businesses. According to McKinsey, IoT-connected devices are projected to reach 43 billion by 2023.Like other disruptive innovations, early IoT adopters can increase their advantage over the competition.But first, what is IoT? And how will it help your business?

What is IoT?

IoT, short for the Internet of Things,enables seamless communication between embedded devices. Itconnectsphysical objects embedded with sensors, software, and other technologiesto facilitate data exchange over the internet.This technology has revolutionized several sectorsas the driver of Industry 4.0. With Industrial IoT (IIoT), industries can leverage the cloud, analytics, and machine learning to achieve a new automation layer. IIoT takes automation beyond machine-to-machine communication. It can deliver smartmanufacturing, digital supply chains, and connected logistics.

IoT is also transforming daily life with connected in-home devices. Think of your business environment. What “things” do you use to run your company? Laptops,smartphones, printers, servers, AI assistants, Wi-Fi routers, and more. With IoT, you can connect all these “things” and aggregate your business data in a centralized location. Government agencies can also exploit the benefits of interconnected IoT devices.

IoT Applications for Business

Your company needs IoT applications to unlock IoT’s business value. You can use business-ready, SaaS IoT applications that visualize data via dashboards. These intelligent IoT tools aggregate data captured by your devices and present the data to all business users.With cloud-based IoT applications, you’lluse machine learning to analyze tons of sensor data pooled in the cloud. Both options deliver IoT benefits to your business.

IoT Benefits for Small and Medium Businesses

With IoT, the physical world meets and cooperates with the digital world. IoT-connected devices can share and collect data with minimal human intervention by leveraging allied technologies. These attributes of IoT implementationoffer several benefits for businesses across all sectors, from agriculture to software development.

Increase Productivity:IoT applications with machine learning algorithms can optimize business operations andeliminate inefficiencies. These intelligent solutions identify anomalies, send alerts, and trigger automated countermeasures. You can use IoT to optimize manufacturing or customer service and boostefficiency and productivity.

Reduce Costs:By improving business process efficiency, IoT can save your company money and time on production. IoT technology also enables cloud computing platforms, increasingaccess to scalable infrastructure.At G6 Technologies, we strive to deliver scalability benefits to SMBs by managing their IT resources.

Enhance CX:With IoT, you can adopt smart supply chains, connected logistics, and predictive maintenance to eliminatedelays. It canenhance customer experience and satisfaction.

Improve Workplace Safety:Connecting all the devices in your factory, restaurant, or offices will enhance visibility.It can help you anticipate and handlethreatslike fires more efficiently, leading to improved workplace safety.

Data-Driven Decision-Making:IoT connects embedded devices with advanced technologies, including AI, machine learning,analytics, and the cloud. With real-time analytics, businesses can extract insights from tons ofIoT data to supportdata-driven decision-making.

Wrapping Up

IoT opens a new level of possibilities for small- and medium-sized businesses across the board. By connecting digital and physical business worlds, your staff will work more efficiently and drive quick time to value. Early adopters willincrease their advantage and stay ahead of the competition. Now is the time to adopt IoT applications for your business.

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