G6 Technologies


G6 offers a range of cloud services, from deployments to an end-to-end managed cloud service. G6 provides full-scale cloud services helping its customers transition their applications to the Cloud smoothly while delivering all the benefits of a cloud deployment.
G6 provides a holistic, integrated approach to deploying a solution that matches application requirements with the hyper-scale cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and VMWare. With the experience and know-how to implement solutions with the latest virtualization technologies such as containers and Kubernetes orchestration tools, G6 is poised to deliver and manage the best of breed cloud solutions that positions.

Key Advantages

  • Improved Availability
  • High Performance
  • Cloud Security and Compliance
  • Best-of-Breed from Cloud Consultants


  • Plan, Design, and Implement Cloud Solution
  • Full Range of Services for PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS
  • Data Recovery and Disaster Management
  • Cost Reduction and Increase Reliability
  • Deploy Virtualization –Virtual Machines
  • Manage Public Cloud - Azure, AWS, GCP Infrastructure
  • Automation for Infrastructure deployment and configuration
  • Containers and Container Management Platforms